A Service to Special Schools


West Midlands Independent Speech and Language Therapy Service (WMISLT) is an established provider of Independent Speech and Language Therapy Services to schools in and around Birmingham.  We are passionate about working in partnership with schools to improve the communication skills of our young learners.

The ability to communicate is an essential life skill for all children and young adults and it is widely recognised and accepted that communication underpins a child’s social, emotional and educational development. With speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) continuing to be the most common type of special educational need (ICAN Feb 2015), we believe that access to specialist support for these individuals is essential if they are to reach their full potential and lead a fulfilled life. 

By working with school staff to identify communication strengths and needs, we can support a whole school communication approach whereby staff :

  • understand the language levels of individual students,

  • feel confident in employing best practise approaches with children with SLCN,

  • provide a communication friendly environment that is rich in language learning opportunities and that those children with very individual communication needs receive specialist and targeted quality intervention.

In our special schools we regularly work alongside staff in the classrooms to deliver joint language, attention and listening and social skills group sessions. We have teamed up with leading Teaching staff to deliver training within schools and we routinely meet with school staff to set and evaluate service objectives.  Schools also receive termly objectives for identified students and annual reports for all students with an identified communication need.

Special schools report that historically, they have experienced an inconsistent service with frequent changes in therapy staff resulting in poor long term service outcomes.  We currently have a good skill mix of qualified speech and language therapists and therapy assistants and match our staff very carefully to our schools. We are a strong team providing in house training, and clinical, peer and managerial support for our staff. Our management team are instrumental in setting up each new service contract to our schools and working alongside therapy staff and schools ensuring that our staff are happy, we are meeting school objectives for the service and ultimately maximising outcomes for our service users.

We measure and report on outcome data to school leadership teams on a termly and yearly basis to provide evidence of our clinical effectiveness. This data also enables us to identify areas of potential difficulty and make the necessary improvements.   

If you would like to learn more about the service from WMISLT or would like to arrange a no-obligation meeting to discuss the ways in which we could support your special school, please do not hesitate to get in touch.