How Can WMISLT support Schools in light of the Ofsted Inspection Framework and new 2014 SEND Code of Practice?    

We can support schools to …

Ofsted Inspection Framework

SEND Code of Practice

Include Communication in the School Development and Improvement Plan

Develop a strategy and  simple systems for early identification and monitoring of communication needs and difficulties

Embed a greater and consistent focus on developing communication in lesson planning and delivery

Increase awareness of communication difficulties and develop the skills of key members of staff who will focus on strengthening communication across school

Develop staff understanding of communication needs and how an individually differentiated curriculum can be far more powerful than direct intervention for children with communication needs

Create a ‘Communication Friendly’ learning environment across school to remove barriers to learning for children with communication needs

Select appropriate  interventions for children and clearly demonstrate communication progress of individual children eligible for Pupil Premium

Devise functional and achievable individualized communication targets as part of the graduated response

Identify and implement strategies to address negative behaviour associated with communication difficulties.

To regularly engage with parents to share communication progress and enhance communication skills at home